Home sweet home

Welcome to my first blog post! I hope that in sharing the beautiful spaces around me, and those that I have done will inspire you for the spaces you live in.


Home is truly where the heart is. Having a place that works with your lifestyle, movements, and day to day functionality are all key to feeling like you’re in the right environment to comfortably kick your feet up, pour that glass of wine, and relax. It’s also important that when life gets busy, your home is designed in a way that allows for you to be frantic and on the go within the space. From a functional kitchen for when the family comes over for holidays, to a dinning room that can accommodate the family and friends who come over for a delicious meal. Home is more than a resting spot, it is a place to live and grow.


My husband and I moved to our new home this past November and it was an exciting time to create a new place to call our own. The possibilities were endless and the creativity began soaring the second I stepped into this house. A few things I needed to plan around was the long open living room. With such a spaced out living room, I divided it up using glass cabinets in the back of the room. This made for a beautiful focal point and accent wall. I also love plants, so there is always a hint of green in every room. The kitchen was bright and white with striking black granite counter tops that added an appropriate weight to the space. I kept it clean and open with a white round Eiffel table and wire chairs with sheep skin throws. We have a lot of photographs from our wedding and of family, so in the dining room, I created a gallery wall using an eclectic mix of frames. The table in that room is an oval white table with black farmhouse chairs. I love the contrast of black and white, and to be fair, it was my husbands idea to go for the black chairs with the white table (go sweetie)! For the lighting in that room, an exposed chandelier with LED Edison bulbs added an industrial feel to the space. The dining room speaks a similar language of the modern aesthetic from the kitchen while being a little more diverse in materials. The bedroom was one of my favourite areas to design. I wanted a big upholstered headboard, with elegant night stands. Keeping the room bright and feminine, I added modern table lamps, and the gold accents were reflected in the lamp hardware, headboard details, and the frames on either side of the night stands. 


I wanted to share my designs with you for Crimson because it was so much fun to design from empty to fully furnished!


I had the talented Laura Kelly come over one sunny evening and take some stunning shots of my home. With my puppy Wally coming in and out of the shots, we had a fun time capturing this home in all its excited puppy glory! To see more photos of Crimson, check the ‘Design’ page.