The authenticity of the home.

Hello again!


It’s a new year so a new blog is needed! It’s been a very busy couple months, but I will be aiming to put out more blogs in 2018 for you all!


I wanted to start the first blog of the year with something that is dear to my heart- my grandmother’s home (G-ma Costanza). There is something absolutely incredible about walking into a place that never changes. Although the years pass, you grow up, and the places around you change, my grandmother’s home has always remained a constant. It was a comfort to know that no matter what is going on in my life, within those 4 walls, it always stayed as I remembered. This blog post is about the authentic design of a home that awakens memories of the past.




The five senses have a lot to do with why my g-ma’s home is still as my memories remember. When you set foot inside, there is a distinct smell of tomato sauce and basil. The stove is always on, simmering either her usual thin noodled soup, or a pasta sauce that she always seems to update with new spices and meats. It’s a smell that takes me right back to being a little girl, and taste testing each new stir of her sauce. There is a coat rack that greets you upon entering. It is gold and ornate, and I remember swaying in the dining room with it as if it was my dance partner Tyrone (I know my sister are laughing at this right now, but I have no shame as to how I learnt my smooth moves).  The walls are filled with our school photographs from yearly picture days, crafts that we made her out of tin can lids and pinecones, and souvenirs from places and countries all of us grandkids have traveled to and brought back for her. These walls show the history of us 4 girls growing up. From our elementary school photo’s, where hairspray and blunt bangs were real, to the wedding photos that now represent how time has passed.

G-ma is a huge green thumb. The whole left wing of the house is filled with her many plants. She cares for them like she cares for her family. Always nurturing and providing the sunlight and warmth that we need to grow.




The blinds are the same thick velour mustard yellow, with moss green flowers all over them that she probably had when she moved in. The couches are brown leather, and like any Italian family, you can believe that the plastic remained on them for quite some time. The richness of the art, and details of this home all stem from my family’s European past. Bottles of liquor fill the second kitchen upstairs. These bottles are O-L-D. They are all slightly evaporated, and are quickly making their way to each of my sisters as christmas and birthday gifts. Although G-ma warns us not to drink it all at one…I think we secretly know that even opening these bottles would be rancid.




The dining room has the most colourful blue floral rug, and we used to play with her porcelain figurines on it. We would pretend the blue in it was the water and create a whole new world using our imaginations on that plush vintage rug. An abundance of marble tables can be found every 5 feet, and the couches are all lined with detailed curved wood. There is marble not only on the floors, but walls too. An old rotary (marble) phone is found on the entry way gold buffet on the second floor entrance. We used to think it was only used to call for the police, probably why I never wanted to play with it. The stairs have gold rods to hold the runner in place, and on the third floor is where all the bedrooms are. I remember staying here while my parents would go on trips. The bedrooms are all the same as they were 20 years ago. Same lace bedding, and crochet throw blankets.




Yes walking into this home is like stepping back in time. A simpler time. Where all you needed and desired was to be home with family. Design changes, there are fad’s, what’s in, what’s out. What’s always in my g-ma’s home is love, and that’s the authenticity in her never changing design that I feel when I see the dated drapes, the gold details, the marble accents. Everything about her home, makes me feel at home.