Launch Design Decorate Stage

Living Room

Welcome to Launch Your Space

An eye for detail, drafting to scale.
Working around the clock, from bubbles to blocks.
Coming full circle, with a concept to start.
Design to me is a work of art.

We have lift off. Launch Your Space is my way of sharing beautiful spaces with others. My goal is to create functional and creative spaces and to share about the things that inspire me when designing.



It's all in the details

The selection of finishes and materials is what completes a space. Textures, colours, and fabrics all come together to make a cohesive and complete design.

Melanie holding a plant

Interior D├ęcor

Home is where the heart is... and where those trinkets that have sentimental value are. Your home should be a reflection of you and your lifestyle.

The Process

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

See The Vision - Know what you want your space to be. What do you envision the space looking like? How do you want to use it? How do you want to feel in it? These are all important questions to have when looking at your tabula rasa.

Vision Board - A vision board is a great way to compile all your ideas and concept photos that you may have found along the way. Through this visual aid, it becomes clear to see the concept that will rise from the space.

Launch Your Space - The vision board gets put into play and the space becomes exactly what you had visioned in your mind. Everything comes alive with the concept and design decisions made along the way.


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